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We Acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Countries throughout Australia where we live, love, breathe and create. We pay our respects to Elders past and present.



Our new swim collection fabric embodies resilience, much like the desert landscape. It’s expertly crafted to endure time and wear, ensuring longevity in every stitch. Adaptable to every woman’s body, it gracefully moulds to curves, embracing individuality effortlessly. In its simplicity lies its beauty—elegant lines and subtle textures echoing the desert’s understated grandeur. Each piece reflects your journey, strength, and unique beauty. Ready for this desert-inspired adventure?


Behind The Brand

ALINTA is a self-titled Bla(c)k owned clothing line designed and owned in Australia by a proud Aboriginal
(Widjabul Wia-Bul, Bundjalung) and Māori (Te Rarawa) woman.

We design quality essential pieces that empower and embrace all body types whilst building a culturally safe platform for underrepresented people in the fashion Industry to create and collaborate.

As the label expands, we hope to establish future collaborations with creative members of our communities as a means of showcasing the brilliance and talent of Indigenous & Black people from around the world.

 The limited release of our contemporary pieces aims to take a stand on mass production within the fashion industry, and do our part to protect the land and seas.

ALINTA is a brand that focuses on creating essential pieces for all body types keeping in mind durability, comfort and quality without compromising on style. Our individual pieces are flattering and versatile. They can be used as a base for any outfit. Curate your own style around our staples, whether its street-wear or glamour: They can can for work any occasion. We aim to produce a label that everyone feels confident in every time. 

Our starting collection ranges from size XS-XL. As our business grows, our size range will expand with the goal of catering to all body types and all people on the gender spectrum.

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Size Guidelines

Please note as more items are added to the collection the sizing guide will be updated. This will also be in response to customer feedback.

All current items are labeled with AUS sizing.

Please use this sizing guide as an estimate as sizes, fabrics and cuts vary for each item. You may contact our team if you have an enquiry regarding sizes and measurements.

Standard size guide based on Australian woman’s sizing:

XS: 6-8 (AU & UK) 0-2 (US)

S: 8-10 (AU & UK) 2-4 (US)

M : 10-12 (AU & UK) 4-6 (US)

L: 12-14 (AU & UK) 8-10 (US)

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