Our Story

ALINTA is a self-titled Bla(c)k owned clothing line designed and owned in Australia by a proud Aboriginal(Bundjalung) and Māori (Te Rarawa) woman. 

Our vision is based on building a platform for marginalised communities and people underrepresented in the fashion world. As the label expands, we hope to establish future collaborations with creative members of our communities as a means of showcasing the brilliance and talent of Black & Indigenous people from around the world.

Our Logo

The hidden placement of the echidna is Alinta’s totem, which has been passed down to her through her matriarchal side, from her grandmother. The echidna logo used for the label was drawn free hand by Alinta’s mother Betty Felton, a proud Bundjalung woman and artist.

More broadly, totems can be plants, animals or a part of the landscape that belong to a wide and complex ecological, cultural and interconnected system designed to protect country. For Aboriginal peoples, depending on the nation, clan group or families, totems can take on different meanings, which has changed over the years due to the impact of invasion.

Nevertheless, each totem has its own unique story, which guides us and teaches us how to protect, provide for and look after country – the land, waterways and seas – in the same way that country protects, provides for and looks after us. As Australia is made up of over 500 diverse nation groups, these stories and methods of caring for country are different because country is different.

To Alinta her totem, the echidna, represents her identity. The echidna is something that needs to be cared for and is sacred to her and her family. She explains “Every time I see a living echidna I know it’s my Nan and Ancestors letting me know everything is going to be ok. It’s my family’s way of continuing connection to Country and Culture.”

Size Guidelines

Please note as more items are added to the collection the sizing guide will be updated. This will also be in response to customer feedback.

All current items are labeled with AUS sizing.

Please use this sizing guide as an estimate as sizes, fabrics and cuts vary for each item. You may contact our team if you have an enquiry regarding sizes and measurements.

Standard size guide based on Australian woman’s sizing:

XS: 6-8 (AU & UK) 0-2 (US)

S: 8-10 (AU & UK) 2-4 (US)

M : 10-12 (AU & UK) 4-6 (US)

L: 12-14 (AU & UK) 8-10 (US)

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